Resources | Choosing Your Care Team

You have many options when it comes to putting together your care team for interstitial lung disease (ILD) treatment. A comprehensive, multidisciplinary care plan will support your physical, emotional, and practical needs and might involve a variety of capable experts. 

You have the right and the power to decide what support looks like for you and to ask for information and opinions from each team member. The entire team needs to work together to help you make the best decisions for your care. Some members might be local to you, while others might consult via online appointments. 

TREAT ILD—R: know your rights, E: early referral and L: look for support

Care team members 

Be sure to include a qualified pulmonologist, who will serve as your ILD expert, in addition to your primary care provider. Your team members may include: 

  • Physicians and nurses
    • Pulmonologists (lung specialists) 
    • Registered nurses 
    • Psychologists and psychiatrists 
  • Other health-care experts 
    • Dieticians 
    • Rehabilitation specialists 
    • Respiratory and physical therapists 
    • Mental health counselors 
    • Social workers 
    • Pharmacists 
  • Transplant team 
  • Palliative care workers 
  • Friends and family 

Support groups 

We also strongly suggest that you join an ILD support group. Meeting other people living with ILD can help you: 

  • Gain new perspectives 
  • Hear about the latest research 
  • Find new ways to optimize your quality of life 

Find out about support groups and other resources.