Erin Popovich Endowment

The Erin Popovich Endowment

Changing what it means to live with ILD

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The Erin Popovich Endowment

Changing what it means to live with ILD

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Patients living with ILD are steadily deprived of their ability to breathe, and with that, they are deprived of everything else, including their hope for the future. The Erin Popovich Endowment ensures they’re not also deprived of the support they need to face their diagnosis with courage and strength.

Seeing Erin live with ILD for ten years taught the Popovich family exactly what other patients need in order to face this devastating diagnosis with dignity and strength. Through their endowment, patients and caregivers will have access to more resources and support than ever before. Their vision is to enable anyone diagnosed with ILD to live a longer, more fulfilling life. In Erin’s memory, your journey towards a more hopeful future starts today.

Principle goals of the endowment

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Giving patients, families, and caregivers access to ILD specialists and other experts for information and second opinions while removing barriers that patients face in obtaining oxygen and specialized medication.

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Improving patients’ independence by facilitating their travel to appointments, local travel, and air travel. Connecting patients, families, and ILD experts through support groups.

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Supporting clinical research grants that enhance understanding of and treatment for ILD. Exploring patient values to ensure treatments and care meet patient and family expectations.

Honoring a life of strength and compassion

Throughout her illness, Erin suffered quietly and without complaint. She cared only about helping others, wanting to use all of her energy to advocate for patients that may have been less fortunate than her. Always concerned with how people were going to afford their medications or get to their therapy sessions, Erin routinely insisted that her daughter reach out to other ILD sufferers and ask if they needed help. In that spirit, her family is now dedicated to carrying on her legacy through the endowment.

Helping you navigate your journey

Even though Erin had access to more resources than most, she still found it difficult to navigate through her illness, often feeling lost and overwhelmed. After her death, the Popovich’s knew they needed to find a way to make the journey more manageable for other ILD patients and their families. That’s when TREAT ILD was created.

The very first thing that any person who receives and ILD diagnosis should be thinking about is treatment. From there, you can use each letter as a stepping stone towards the right path. It’s important to remember that on some days you may get stuck, and that’s okay. Take it one step at a time, and remember that you are not alone.

Founders Gregg and Jill Popovich

We’d like to thank the founders of the Erin Popovich Endowment, Greg and Jill Popovich. Without their commitment to honoring Erin’s legacy, none of this would be possible. Their vision is to provide hope for patients and families that are coping with an ILD diagnosis, and through their philanthropic efforts, they are making that vision a reality. You can support the Popovich’s in their efforts by giving to the Endowment today.

Jill and Gregg Popovich

Recognizing our endowment supporters

We’d like to thank our generous donors for supporting the Erin Popovich Endowment and its vision. Their gifts have ensured that the endowment will continue to change lives – helping patients and caregivers navigate their ILD diagnosis and learn to live alongside it.

$100,000 – $249,000

You Give. We Give. SPURS Give.

Anonymous Donor

$50,000 – $99,999

$25,000 – $49,999

Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle

Salhee Jaafar

The Graham and Elizabeth Weston Gift Fund

Mike Fravell

Stephanie M. Levine, MD, FCCP, and Richard T. Shaffer, MD

Julianna Hawn Holt

J. Tullos Wells

$10,000 – $24,999

NAT Basketball Trainers Assoc. Foundation

Tim Duncan

Becky Hammon

Med Center Intensivists of San Antonio PLLC

Sylvan Stephen Lang

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

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$5,000 – $9,999

Robin Atkinson

John Brozovich

Chip Engelland

Monica and William Hall

Bart C. Koontz

Amy Lang, MD

Michael E. Nelson, MD, FCCP, and Lore R. Nelson, MD

Nancy Thiessen

Cara Wright

Comet Signs

Mathis Consulting Services, Inc

Methodist Health System

University of Texas at San Antonio

$0 – $4,999

Matthews Family Foundation

A to Z Wineworks

Bruce Jennings

Edward J. Diamond, MD, FCCP, and Patrice Diamond, RN, MS

Robert De Marco, MD, FCCP, and Debbie De Marco

Lura Walden

Moises Bucay

Samantha D’Annunzio, MD

Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP

Jay I. Peters, MD, FCCP

Rene Quiroz, MD

Ian T. Nathanson, MD, FCCP

Victor J. Test, MD, FCCP

The Bonner Family

Analisa Rodriguez

Anoop M. Nambiar, MD, FCCP

Rick Liberto

Daniel and Cathy Kraft

Deborah Jo Levine, MD, MS, FCCP

Doreen J. Addrizzo-Harris, MD, FCCP, and Loren J. Harris, MD, FCCP

Ed Nelson

James R. Leininger

Jerry Colangelo

Karen J. Hixon

Kelley Frost

Kirsten Smith

Lee Dowdy

Lisa K. Moores, MD, FCCP

Melissa R. Isbell

Minnesota Timberwolves

Patti Tuomey, EdD

Peggy Eighmy

Washington Bullets, LP

Will Hardy

Jeff Wells

Jorge Elizondo

Andrea Marks

Bonnie L. Kwan

Bravein Amalakuhan, MD, BS

David Aldridge

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Fehrenbacher

Fadi Abouzhar

Garren Warren

John A. Howington, MD, FCCP, and Anne C. Howington

Robbie Shepherd

Tracy Ayers

Utah Jazz

Victoria M. Raymond, MS

Vivian Bucay

Fernando Triana

Annette Alonzo

Brandon Gayle

Don and Joy Nelson

George Felton

Kevin Proud, MD, FCCP

Lee Cavender

Paul Saenz

Robert Frolichstein

Barbara Gentry

BNL Consulting, LLC

Chandra Kunavarapu

Country Club Trust

Dodie Bump

George & Ruth German

Jill Berryman

Kevin and Linda O’Connor

Lou Celia Frost

Manica Isiguzo, MBBS

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Michael Arnett

Paul Hancock

Terri O’Neil-Titch

Andrea Sitterle

Abel Martinez

Ali Abedi, MD

Alice Foultz

Alison Fox

April Hardy-Holley

Arturo Lopez, MD

Barbara Johnson

Becky Kimbro

Bill Pfeiffer

Bobbye Scott

Carlos Maestas

Carol Severyn

Celeste Lira

Cerissa Antill

Charles J. Burch, MD

Claire McNab

Coral Drengler

Denise Pfeiffer

Denise Reetz

Don Hurrell

Erin McReynolds

Evan Ketabchi

Houston Frost

Jeanne Garza

John Moorman

JR Percy

Katie Tottenham

Kevin Crawford

Lisa Gillespie

Megan MacDiarmid

Phil Green

Raul R. Rodriguez

Rob Rodriguez

Sarah Klaper

Susan Pape

Tinsley Smith

Mike and Caryn Kelley

Amy Beckham

Andres Campion

Angie Kocurek

Art Centeno, MD

Betsy Gwin

Bobby Berman

Bobby Pemelton

Candace Owens

Carla Sims

Catherine Cummins

Chandra Bricker

Charles McNab

Chris Gregory

Cindy Berman

Dan Miller

Danny Oliver

David Thomas

Donna Tuttle

Eric Covey

Gerard A. Silvestri, MD, MS, FCCP, and Joanne Silvestri

Greg Stroike

Gregory Colangelo, MD, FCCP

Heather O’Donnell

Jaime Lozano

Jan and Mick Davey

Jim Stead

Joe Loomis

Jorge del Alamo

Julia Reinhart

Julie Bedingfield

Katy Madden

Kenneth Wilson

Kevin Brownin

Laura Goudge

Laury and Mickey Holden

Libby Bentley

Marco Gamboa

Marilyn Rashid

Mary Bartholomew

Melisa Cancino

Michael D’Annunzio

Michelle Johnston

Mitch Johnson

Napoleon Puente

Nicki Augustyn, CAE

Nicole Royal

Nishita Doshi

Onsi Saleh

Pacini Family

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The Giese Family

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Jim & Debbie Mulford

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Debbie and Jair Klarfeld

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Ronald M. Moen

Jeff Weinstein

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Dee and Rick Carduner

Dusty and Ruben Ayala

Rosalie Klepac

Donna Creaser Harwood

Shannon Rodgers

James T. Diehl, MD

Matthew Diehl

Mary Rodriguez