Our Impact

Whether we are giving out grants for clinical research projects or distributing funding for community service projects, our work is making a tangible impact.

Donor Spotlight: Your contributions in action


Our quarterly newsletter sheds light on the work that we’re doing within our communities, sharing real stories of the patients and caregivers that we aim to help. Whether it’s in our own backyard, or half a world away, we’re ready to go wherever the fight against lung disease takes us.

Donor Spotlight April

Impact Report: How our work is making a difference

Why do people continue to give to the Foundation? What are those funds used for, and how do they help drive our mission? These are the stories of our donors, our community grant winners and our patients. Learn how every dollar we collect makes a tangible impact on the communities and the people we serve.

Listening Tour: Addressing health disparities across the U.S.

What makes a foundation truly impactful? Some would argue that it’s the organization’s willingness to continually have uncomfortable conversations about the issues negatively impacting our society today – the issues that stem from years of silence and decades of systematic oppression.

The difficulty and awkwardness of these conversations lays in the fact that they revolve around race, and more often than not, health outcomes. These are the problems that affect our most deserving, underserved communities, and it’s clear that they can no longer be ignored. We need to start listening now.

Research grants: Get an update on our recipient’s latest work

The CHEST Foundation has an established history of proudly supporting research projects that aim to champion the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases. Find out how the Foundation has impacted the work of these researchers.

Robert Hyzy, MD, FCCP

Running Water in Peru

A CHEST Foundation grant enabled Robert Hyzy, MD, FCCP, to fund plumbing improvements for an Amazon Promise free clinic in Belén, Peru, which increased his team’s ability to treat more patients.

Adam Silverman, MD

Removing Language Barriers to Care

Adam Silverman, MD, has been able to expand his work translating educational material for pediatric critical care courses in Haiti with funding received from the CHEST Foundation.

Valerie Andrews

Offering a Hand up, Not a Hand Out
Through a CHEST Foundation community service grant, Valerie Andrews is working to educate her community on asthma detection, treatment, and management.