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When Your Patients Have Questions, We Have Answers.

Being told you have a lung disease is a heavy thing to hear—newly diagnosed patients often need time to accept a diagnosis before they are ready to process the information that you need to share. So what happens when your patient is ready to start asking questions?

That’s where we come in

Our lung health resources are designed to help your patients, both in and out of a clinical setting, giving them access to appropriate and credible information.

Patients should start here

Lung Health A–Z provides patients with comprehensive information on nearly every topic related to lung health, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. 

COVID-19 Patient Resources

CHEST president Stephanie Levine, MD, FCCP speaks about the Foundation’s commitment to helping our patients through this pandemic. Our COVID-19 resource page features educational materials and videos that aim to support our most at-risk populations, including patients that use home-based ventilation.

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Patient-friendly, patient-focused materials

  • Lung Cancer

    Lung Health A-Z: Lung Cancer

    Easy to understand information about lung cancer for your patient as well as helpful resources about the types of biopsies.


    Navigating Lung Cancer—Patient Education Guide

    Navigating Lung Cancer

    Our Patient Education Guide will help your patients understand lung cancer types, the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options available.


    Learn about lung biopsies

  • Interstitlal Lung Disease (ILD)

    Erin Popovich Endowment

    Improving lives with ILD starts today.

    The Erin Popovich Endowment, established with the CHEST Foundation, is changing what it means to live with ILD. A diagnosis of ILD can be a challenge, but your patient has the right to a happy and fulfilling life, whatever the diagnosis. With you and the rest of their support team they can explore all available options to continue doing activities they enjoy and living a life full of the people and places they love.


    Oxygen Therapy

    Our oxygen tool kit will improve your experience with oxygen therapy. This no-cost, physical kit will be available soon, so check back for updates. 

    ILD Oxygen Toolkit

    Visit our resource centers for up-to-date information, research and support

Patient Diagnosed with COPD?
Send them our guide.


Living Well with COPD PDF

Access webinars created for you

Our complimentary, on-demand webinars highlight key topics in pulmonary medicine.
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Recent Webinars


Women & Pulmonary Virtual Happy Hour

Air Date: April 22, 2020
Overview: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. In this hour‑long virtual happy hour, we come together to share #wellnesswednesday. The panelists discuss how COVID-19 has impacted them clinically and personally and what lessons they’ve learned as female clinicians during this time.

Women & Pulmonary: Being an Advocate for Yourself

Air Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Overview: According to the 2017 Medscape Pulmonologist Compensation Report, female pulmonologists earned 23% less than their male counterparts. Despite ever-growing enrollment rates for women in medical school, female physicians are often underrepresented in academic and research settings and 80% to 90% of leadership roles in medicine are filled by men. In this webinar, Aneesa Das, MD, FCCP, and Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP, discuss how being an advocate for yourself can help you achieve leadership roles, competitive pay, benefits, and work–life balance.

Patient and Clinician Engagement in Treating Pulmonary Fibrosis

Air Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Overview: Understanding where your patients are within their progression of pulmonary fibrosis enables clinicians to treat the person rather than just the disease. When patients speak directly about the concerns and issues they currently face, pulmonary clinicians can gain an objective picture of their patients’ progression to tailor their treatments. This creates an atmosphere in which patients are willing to engage with their physician, thus motivating them to take charge of their condition.

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